Thursday, 5 November 2009


Our judgment is always based on our life experience: the books we read, the music we listen, the friends and families we have, the job we do and the tv programs we watch.

Therefore, what is interesting to us may not be so to others, as each of us looks at things from different perspectives.

An architect, when appreciating a house, will not just look at it from the front side. He will see it from the inside, from the corner, from the back, from the top or even from the bottom.

He will touch the walls and the floor, feel the light and space within the architecture, and most importantly, he needs to be comfortable being in touch with it.

This, to me, is the most crucial part.

When you go through my works, whether you personally like them or not, it doesn’t matter.

I hope you find a little joy going through them.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


The dustbin execution was presented to Nestle many years ago, while I was working at Lowe Singapore. They didn't buy it.

I kept it and presented again to Nestle Thailand while I moved to Bangkok.

This time with two more executions to make it a campaign.

The client loved it, ran the prints and even turned them into a series of postcards.

I never throw away my old ideas.

When I revisit them some years later, I always have new sparks of inspiration.

The print campaign was a success among the teenaged groups.

We tried to convince the client to run commercials for more ad awareness to revitalize its brand image.

The client agreed to pay for the media, but agency had to absorb the production cost.

Fair deal?


My writer showed me his sketch. A blank page with a pack of Kit Kat and the "have a break" tagline.

I told him we had to remove the pack because it killed the idea.

He said the client would not buy it if they did not see their product.

I did the layout without the pack shot and presented to the client.

She was speechless at first, but finally bought the ad and ran it in major magazines.

Months later, I heard from the Account Director that she left Nestle. I hope her departure had nothing to do with this ad.


The feet argued with the hands: "We can do exactly what you can, why should we stay at the bottom?"

The hands said: "But we can't do what you can, that's why we are at the top doing what we are good at."

The feet exchanged its position with the hands. The body couldn't walk straight and fell down to the river.

Don't mess up with others. Just do our duty well. Especially so in advertising.


We did the mock up and shot it in our office building.

We presented the layout to Scholl. The client loved it but had no money to run it.

We slashed our agency cost by 50%. They still didn't buy into it.

We scraped the project. But the ad got into One Show.

Don't ask me why.


Though the little piggy was not playing along while we shot, we didn't actually spank him.

Blame it on Khun Manop the editor.

However, the sound effect did add a touch of cheekiness into the tvc.

Rather than five different edits, give me one unexpected twist.


We did not abuse the boxer. But we did drug him so we could finish the shoot on time.

Many joggers in the park stopped by to find out what was going on.

I told the director we should have expected this and not hire too many extra talents.

We would have saved enough money to shoot a third ad for the print campaign.